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US-8440979-B2: Ultraviolet light exposure chamber for photovoltaic modules patent, US-8522581-B2: Safety shield and double-lock leg cuffs patent, US-8534835-B2: Optical tomographic image photographing apparatus patent, US-8552321-B2: Multiple-pole single-throw dome switch assemblies patent, US-6966464-B2: Seat with built-in beverage dispenser patent, US-7300769-B2: Stabilized coenzyme solutions for determining dehydrogenase activity patent, US-7556286-B2: Extended inflatable coverage of inflatable curtains patent, US-7560180-B2: Gas diffusion layer and fuel cell using the same patent, US-7578617-B2: Analog line-type temperature sensitive fire detection cable patent, US-7911969-B2: Wireless communication method for transmitting a sequence of data units between a wireless device and a network patent, US-8339914-B2: Digital broadcast receiver patent, US-8382615-B2: Golf turf repair device patent, US-8393707-B2: Apparatuses and methods for removal of ink buildup patent, US-8425551-B2: Disposable tourniquet cuff patent, US-8509066-B2: Method and apparatus for reflecting forwarding plate utilization in control plane patent, US-7161595-B2: System, method, and computer program product for general environment mapping patent, US-7192121-B2: Inkjet printer patent, US-7247725-B2: Gamma-aminoamide modulators of chemokine receptor activity patent, US-7310213-B2: Semiconductor device provided with overheat protection circuit and electronic circuit using the same patent, US-7318184-B2: Mobile telephone, apparatus, method, and program for calculating an interleave parameter patent, US-7476231-B2: Obstetrical vacuum extractor patent, US-7523913-B2: Seat position adjusting apparatus for vehicle patent, US-7613088-B2: Method and system for time based file storage patent, US-7616086-B2: Integrated type transformer patent, US-7713663-B2: Mask blank, manufacturing method of mask blank, manufacturing method of transfer mask and manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-7832190-B2: Characterization of fancy yarn patent, US-7865228-B2: Multi-slice cerebral blood flow imaging with continuous arterial spin labeling MRI patent, US-8152731-B2: Wavelet transform and pattern recognition method for heart sound analysis patent, US-8291205-B2: Method for managing the reset of a data processor patent, US-8532146-B2: Digital broadcast transmission/reception apparatus for rapid channel change patent, US-8539915-B2: Cooling system for a motor vehicle patent, US-6858011-B2: Method and apparatus to control microbubble destruction during contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging, and uses therefor patent, US-6942845-B2: Process for improving the internal stability of sodium percarbonate patent, US-6984027-B2: Ink-jet head and ink-jet printer having ink-jet head patent, US-7208621-B2: Malonic acid monomethyl derivatives and production process thereof patent, US-7548656-B2: Method and apparatus for processing image signals by applying a multi-resolution conversion processing for reducing the image size and applying a dyadic wavelet transform patent, US-7658128-B2: Transmission housing structure for four wheel drive system patent, US-7740464-B2: Device for post-treating tyres patent, US-7781354-B2: Glass composition and method for production thereof, and glass substrate for information display device and information display device using the same patent, US-7835669-B2: Charging roller, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus patent, US-8175859-B1: Efficient method for pressure dependent water distribution analysis patent, US-8177578-B1: Wiring connector patent, US-8208439-B2: Optimal user pairing for multiuser MIMO patent, US-8407187-B2: Validating files using a sliding window to access and correlate records in an arbitrarily large dataset patent, US-7004992-B2: Chromium-containing metal and method for producing the same patent, US-7036049-B2: System and method for collecting statistics for a communication network patent, US-7120285-B1: Method for evaluation of reticle image using aerial image simulator patent, US-7285681-B2: Biguanide derivatives patent, US-7301624-B2: Nanosensors based on functionalized nanoparticles and surface enhanced raman scattering patent, US-7449230-B2: Lithography pattern shrink process and articles patent, US-7497754-B2: Method for thinning substrate of EL device patent, US-7542917-B2: System and method for analyzing sales performances patent, US-7631771-B2: Merchandising tray for food products and the like patent, US-7962478-B2: Movement-based dynamic filtering of search results in a graphical user interface patent, US-8087132-B2: Vessel for interring cremated remains and associated methods patent, US-8331712-B2: Method for designing computational optical imaging system patent, US-8439750-B2: Storage medium storing game program, game apparatus and game controlling method patent, US-8474591-B1: Garbage chute apparatus patent, US-8573039-B2: Compression test adapter patent, US-7031580-B2: Restoring optical pulses patent, US-7340971-B2: Method and apparatus for inspecting a pallet patent, US-7584819-B2: Vehicle steering system patent, US-7618732-B2: Fuel cell electrolyte, membrane electrode assembly, and method of manufacturing fuel cell electrolyte patent, US-7648935-B2: Dielectric porcelain composition for use in electronic devices patent, US-7665161-B2: System and method for retractable furniture unit patent, US-7712382-B2: Doppler type ultrasonic flowmeter, flow rate measuring method using doppler type ultrasonic flowmeter and flow rate measuring program used in this doppler type ultrasonic flowmeter patent, US-7870816-B1: Continuous alignment system for fire control patent, US-7992943-B2: Dump body patent, US-8017378-B2: Method for production of optically active biphenylalanine compound or salt or ester thereof patent, US-8096617-B2: Seat having tiltable seat cushion patent, US-8270256-B1: Magnetic recording disk drive with shingled writing and wide-area thermal assistance patent, US-6829743-B1: Method of acquiring environment consideration condition information patent, US-6883447-B1: Sewing machine with needle thread cassette and needle thread cassette patent, US-7009632-B2: Internal CD/DVD label printer and electronic ink patent, US-7164564-B1: Shorted SCR lockout and indication patent, US-7176598-B2: Brushless DC motor patent, US-7386078-B2: Adaptive filtering method and filter for filtering a radio signal in a mobile radio-communication system patent, US-7627824-B2: Personalized video entertainment system patent, US-7771437-B2: Guide for medical devices patent, US-7862469-B2: Method for controlling a drivetrain of a motor vehicle patent, US-7924548-B2: Electric double layer capacitor patent, US-7965970-B2: Fixing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-8138632-B2: Control method for redundant use in the event of a fault in a polyphase converter with distributed energy stores patent, US-8255273-B2: Evaluating online marketing efficiency patent, US-6870215-B2: Semiconductor memory and its production process patent, US-7355142-B2: Resistance welding electrode, welded copper flex lead, and method for making same patent, US-7515856-B2: Image forming apparatus, a process cartridge provided in the apparatus, and a developing device included in the process cartridge of the apparatus patent, US-7945910-B2: Dynamic registration of batch files by abstract selection criteria patent, US-8035892-B2: Reliable startup of high power thin-disk laser resonators patent, US-8097756-B2: Process for producing carboxylic acid anhydrides patent, US-8116615-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program storage medium, and program patent, US-8131365-B2: Event-based battery monitor for implantable devices patent, US-8232407-B2: Nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds with insecticidal activity, and the preparation and use thereof patent, US-8385639-B2: Compressive coding device and visual display control device patent, US-8500229-B2: Ink-jet printer patent, US-6856189-B2: Delta Vgs curvature correction for bandgap reference voltage generation patent, US-7240451-B2: Telescope sight mount for a firearm patent, US-7526088-B2: Code generator and device for the synchronous or asynchronous and permanent identification or encoding and decoding of data of any particular length patent, US-8094048-B2: Method of decoding syntax element in context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding decoder and decoding device therefor patent, US-8096061-B2: Instrument for measuring dimensions and height gauge patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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